Announcing ESL Pro League for 2017!
We’re happy to announce the details about the next two seasons for the ESL Pro League.

Season 4 of the ESL Pro League concluded on October 30th in Brazil with Cloud9 emerging victorious and taking home the coveted trophy. This may be it for ESL Pro League in 2016 but we are already looking forward to the next two seasons taking place next year and we are happy to announce details about those.

Prize pool

We are thrilled to announce that the prize pool for 2017 will be a total of US$2,000,000! This means that each season will have a prize pool of US$1,000,000. It's a US$500,000 increase from this year.

First season finals

We'll be heading to the United States of America for the finals of the first season of 2017! The best teams will travel to Dallas, Texas and battle it out in the Verizon Theatre during the first weekend of June.

Season schedule

First season

  • Start: 7th of February 2017
  • End: 18th of May 2017
  • Finals: 1st weekend of June

Second season

  • Start: August 2017
  • End: November 2017
  • Finals: December 2017

Match days

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

See you next year!

We can't wait until we kick off ESL Pro League in February next year. Until then, be sure to follow ESL CS on Twitter and Facebook for everything CS:GO happening at ESL.