From MDL straight into Pro League finals - Space Soldiers conquer the global stage
In their first ever Pro League season, Space Soldiers qualified immediately for the global finals in Dallas.

It's a magical story. In their first ever Pro League season, the Turkish team Space Soldiers managed to directly qualify for the global finals, after qualifying through Mountain Dew League and the connected relegation system. They will join 15 other teams in Dallas, Texas, to play for the six playoffs spot and the major share of the US$1,000,000 total prize pool of Season 7. Get your tickets now!

The team was so close, but yet so far from Pro League over several seasons of the Mountain Dew League. In their first two seasons (season 23 and 24), they made it to the playoffs but lost in the first round to GODSENT and PENTA respectively, only to win the MDL Global Challenge in Season 25. Their continuous efforts and strive for improvement finally paid off in Season 26 where they not only got revenge against Godsent in the playoffs, but also managed to qualify for Pro League Season 7.

On top of some great event performances they have shown in the past couple of months this is finally Space Soldiers' chance to prove themselves on the global stage against the world's best teams in Pro League. During the season they have definitely shown the potential to do so. Next to wins over G2 Esports and North, they tied their series against Fnatic and Na'Vi. But will we see them rise as the next top team in Dallas?

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