League Ruling: North in Pro League after Team Dignitas’ withdrawal
Team Dignitas has withdrawn from the European division of ESL Pro League, the League license has been transferred via the majority of the players to North.


After talks with Team Dignitas in the past weeks and extension of deadlines about their participation in the League they informed us last week about their withdrawal from the European Division of Pro League following their team's transfer to new organization North at the beginning of the year. Following the official rules and guidelines for League License transfers ESL have reached out to the majority of North players and their management to confirm the License transfer as well as informing them about the transfer rules and restrictions.


After receiving the confirmation from both the majority of the players as well as ​North the League has authorized the License transfer and would like to welcome ​North to the League!


Team ​Dignitas's License has been removed on their own request and transferred to the majority of the players with the restriction to use a majority lineup. As the players confirmed they are part of ​North the License has then been transferred to ​North with the restriction to use a majority lineup for the first 14 matches in the upcoming fifth season. After the first 14 matches have been completed without violations of the restriction the provisional License will automatically become a full License.

New season begins on February 7th

Season 5 of the ESL Pro League kicks off on February 7th and will continue until the season finals in Dallas on June 3-5 (tickets are available!). Remember to follow ESL CS on YouTube for live matches and VODs, as well as Twitter and Facebook for all updates, highlights and more.