Welcome GODSENT and Splyce to the ESL Pro League!
With the Mountain Dew League finals completed, we welcome two new teams to season six of the ESL Pro League and four teams who will fight in the relegation matches.

The Mountain Dew League offers amateurs a direct gateway into the largest and most historic CS:GO league in the world, ESL Pro League. 24 teams in NA and EU competed in the Mountain Dew League over the course of multiple weeks with the top 8 reaching the regional finals to battle it out for a slot in the ESL Pro League. The second and third place teams will battle it out in Pro League relegation matches on May 16-18 to try and earn their spot in Pro League.

In the end, the European playoffs were topped by GODSENT who will play in season 6 of the ESL Pro League. BIG and PENTA placed second and third respectively which grants them a chance to compete in the Pro League relegation matches, also for a spot in the ESL Pro League. In North America, it was Splyce to take the first place with Enigma6 taking second and Bee's Money Crew taking third place.

Match results



  • BIG vs. Gambit 2-1
  • PENTA vs. Space Soldiers 2-0
  • Rogue vs. Team Spirit FF-W
  • Epsilon vs. GODSENT 0-2


  • BIG vs. PENTA 2-1
  • Team Spirit vs. GODSENT 0-2

Third place match

  • PENTA vs. Team Spirit 2-0

Grand final

  • BIG vs. GODSENT 0-2

North America


  • eUnited vs. Bee's Money Crew 1-2
  • Enigma6 vs. Denial 2-0
  • Splyce vs. Premier Rejects 2-0
  • Eclipse vs. FRENCH CANADIANS 1-2


  • Bee's Money Crew vs. Enigma6 1-2
  • Splyce vs. FRENCH CANADIANS 2-1

Third place match

  • Bee's Money Crew vs. FRENCH CANADIANS 2-0

Grand final

  • Enigma6 vs. Splyce 0-2

That’s it of the regional finals! The global Mountain Dew League finals will take place on May 13-14 with top teams from North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil will competing.

Congratulations and good luck!

Big congratulations and a warm welcome to GODSENT and Splyce - we cannot wait to see you play in season 6 of the ESL Pro League! We also wish the best of luck to PENTA, BIG, Enigma6 and Bee's Money Crew in the season 5 relegation matches where they face teams to have placed 12th and 13th in Pro League. The relegation match schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 16th: two opening bo3 matches
  • Wednesday, May 17th: winners' bo3 match and elimination bo3 match
  • Thursday, May 18th: decider bo3 match.

All matches will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel so be sure not to miss them!

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