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Odense is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark, it also contains Northern Europe’s largest hub and high-tech ecosystem consisting of robot and automation companies, suppliers, education and research facilities, investment capital and public actors. And much more…

Odense is really into


An industrial evolution is taking place in Odense. Back in the 1980’s Odense Steel Shipyard was the pride of the city and the biggest company with more than 6,000 employees. Visionary people started looking at industrial robots in order to compete with low-cost shipyards from Asia. That was the beginning of the robotic focus in Odense.

Today Odense Steel Shipyard no longer exists. But the robotic focus is even more present. Now there are more than 100 companies within the robotic sector with around 2600 employees. Odense also has more than 10 research, development and innovation institutes within robotics and more than 40 higher education programs.

Companies like Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, Gibotech, Blue Ocean Robotics and ABB are examples of what is happening in Odense, and our hub for robots and drones is among the best clusters in Europe – and has achieved the EU-certified Gold Label for Cluster Management Excellence.

New companies are joining the cluster every year. In the Odense Robotics StartUp Hub new companies get access to a range of equipment, as well as access to business professionals to help develop their business plan, access to expert advisors to assist in developing a prototype and help to secure necessary funding.

Don’t just expect to find robots on the ground. At the airport in Odense you will find the Danish drone center. UAS Denmark - International Test Center and Cluster and SDU UAS Center are frontiers for drone technologies.

Like the rest of Denmark

We're a city of cyclists

The Danes love their bicycles. And Odense is no exception. Take a look at the centre of the city or outside the University of Southern Denmark – or at the entrance to the Tinderbox Festival. What you will see is bicycles parked all over the place. If you want to get around in the city the fastest and easiest way is by bicycle.

You will find a lot of bike lanes and cyclist-only bridges. No wonder Odense was awarded Best City for Cyclists in 2015. Something that The Guardian also noticed when they wrote about the secrets of Odense and the bicycle culture in the city.

We don’t know about you, but

We’re a city with a beat

What’s going on in Odense? A lot! Odense is a vibrant city with a lot of events taking place. Music festivals, NBA 3X - a global 3-on-3 basketball tournament, Odense International Film Festival, SPIS! Odense Food Festival just to name a few!

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Some of the best educations

In Odense you have a lot of possibilities. Great institutions with great educations. If you are into robots, drones, IT or anything else, you can get a good education in Odense.

University of Southern Denmark (SDU) have five faculties with more than 32,000 students, almost 20% of whom are from abroad. Several international studies document that SDU conducts world-class research and is one of the top fifty young universities in the world. SDU has focused on robotics research, and has worked closely with industry and foundations to create value for society with regards to development, production, jobs, etc.

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Best City for Startups in Denmark

Health Technologies & Facebook

Odense also holds a strong position in Health Technologies, and with Facebook building its new data center in Odense, we see ourselves as the tech-centre in Denmark. Odense was awarded The Best City for Startups in Denmark in 2016. And Denmark is known as the best country in Europe for doing business. What! Yeah...

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The Road To Odense

Odense is located in the centre of Denmark.

Odense is Denmark’s third largest city with +200,000 inhabitants and an ideal position in the centre of Denmark. Odense is the main city on the island Fyn, which is also known as “Denmark’s Garden” with a lot of small, quality oriented producers of fruit, vegetables and meat – and the highest concentration of micro breweries in Denmark.


Your Road to Odense

We have created to you who are considering moving to Odense.

But why move to Odense? Well, to be honest, it is a great city with lots to do. Festivals, sports, restaurants and nightlife. And there's great to live, with or without kids.

Odense is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark, it also contains Northern Europe’s largest hub and high-tech ecosystem consisting of robot and automation companies, suppliers, education and research facilities, investment capital and public actors.

We invite you to find your road to our beautiful city. We've put together three different starting points for you right here.


- Open Positions in the Industry.

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From an international perspective, Denmark is highly ranked for our ratio of operational industrial robots to employees. Odense is one of the Worldwide leaders within technology and robots, but we need more hands and clever minds. That's why you're here.

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- Start ups joining our Robo hub.

The perfect platform for your tech startup.

Are you one of many talents we're looking for?

Have you started a business within robot or IT technology? Do you have years of experience developing robotic solutions? Then this is your opportunity to turbocharge your business idea – become a part of Odense Robotics new StartUp Hub.

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- The World’s best educations.

Worldclass educations within tech, drones and robots.

In Odense, there are more than 40 relevant educational programs in the IT and Robotic field. The University of Southern Denmark has about 15 Masters and Engineering programs in robotics and software technology, Lillebaelt Academy has about 10 bachelor programs including Automation Technology, Production Engineering and Computer Sciences.

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