About the HCS Pro League

The Halo Championship Series: Pro League Fall 2016 Season follows the top teams across Europe and North America, battling for their chance to make it to the season finals in December.

The top teams will be battling for a share of the US$100,000 European prize pool and $225,000 North American purse, along with the Fall 2016 Season championship titles.

Six teams in Europe and eight teams in North America will play each other in best of five series during the regular season after an intensive map veto process to determine the final game types. Every game matters, as overall series scores and map win percentages can play a role in determining tiebreakers for the top four spots.


The European HCS Pro League Fall Season will begin at 19:30 BST on Wednesday, September 14, with official broadcasts every Wednesday and community-streamed matches every Thursday. Keep in mind that there will be a break for the first week of October and a back to back broadcast for the final two days of play in the regular season. Your Summer Season broadcast team will be returning for the fall, with Richard Simms, Dan Gaskin, and Harry Channon casting and analyzing all the action.


The North American side of things will feature weekly broadcasts every Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 4:30PM PDT starting on September 14 with a break for the first two weeks of October. The Str8 Rippin duo of Kyle Elam and Tom Taylor will be guiding you through the North American Fall 2016 Season.

For a full schedule, list of maps and game types, check out the Fall 2016 Season schedule and official HCS Pro League rules.