The HCS Open Circuit provides a pathway for amateur and semi-professional teams to make their way into the HCS Pro League. The top two Open Circuit teams from each region will go on to compete against the bottom two Pro League seeds in a live-streamed Relegation tournament to fight for a spot in the next season. To learn more go to the Halo Waypoint.


Pro Gaming League hosts the North American HCS Open Circuit for the Fall 2016 Season. Teams can participate in the online Open Circuit to compete for HCS points to earn their seeding for the HCS Orange County and HCS Las Vegas. For more information about the HCS Open Circuit, head over to the PGL website.

HCS Orange County

Four teams at the HCS Orange County open event at Esports Arena will earn a spot in the HCS Open Circuit Finals by PGL in Las Vegas later this year. Featuring a prize pool of $20,000, there will be a lot on the line for Open Circuit and Pro League teams alike. Be sure to buy a ticket or tune in on October 7-9.

HCS Las Vegas

The final four North American teams will make their way to the Open Circuit Finals through an open LAN tournament in Las Vegas. HCS points will determine seeding and in the end, eight teams will fight for the two Open Circuit Relegation spots.


Just like last season, teams will battle for points to earn a spot at the European HCS Open Circuit Finals where the top eight teams will fight to earn a seat at Relegation. Each week, there will be an Open Bracket on Saturday where all teams can play for qualifying points and entrance to the Sunday Legendary Bracket.

The European Legendary Bracket will include only eight teams, four that qualify through the Open Bracket and the top four from the previous week’s Legendary Bracket. The top teams in the final Open Circuit cup will automatically be placed in their region’s Open Circuit Finals, with the remaining teams determined by points.

To participate in the Open Circuit, simply go to the Halo hub on the ESL Play site for Europe, select the tournament you would like to compete in, and sign up. We hope to see you there!