Who's Next?
The ESL MKX Pro League is the ultimate competition for players to test their skills in Mortal Kombat X!


Be stealthful as the night... ...and deadly as the dawn. t.co/Xf2OeQs24K t.co/wZcp0NvleT
RT @ESLPlay: Titles, goodies, currency and over €35000 are up for grabs in our #Go4Sunday. t.co/LQ3T4GiqVH t.co/36rK6VEmfK
Up for a challenge? A Mortal Kombat X tournament on ESL is a challenge! Try it. How far can you go this time?… t.co/7KDxtcGPoZ
Check out Mortal Kombat on ESL, we're sure you'll find some interesting tournaments to play in.… t.co/EPHklpvLVl
Don't forget to sign up for the North American PS4 MKX Community Cup #38 that will start at 3pm PT, tomorrow!… t.co/caxlUlXK7m
@MrRobJohn pics or it didn't happen