Who's Next?
The ESL MKX Pro League is the ultimate competition for players to test their skills in Mortal Kombat X!


[NA] MKX Community Cup #32, tomorrow, 6 pm Pacific. Be there. Sign up now on your PS4. t.co/n3vcKSlpOO
Up for a challenge? A Mortal Kombat X tournament on ESL is a challenge! Try it. How far can you go this time?… t.co/i3tB93a5F1
RT @ESLPlay: In-game currency, over €33000 in prize money and more. Only in our #Go4Sunday t.co/2m9dUdgAWM t.co/KKFKmrPi7N
Watch the fight Engeelar vs VovaChamp of the last MKX PS4 Sunday Cup. t.co/LXobrbLBvx
MKX Community Cup #31 in North America starts at 12p Pacific. Don't forget to sign via the PS4 events page! t.co/p6QGHA03zy
Kombatant, do you play on PS4, PC or Xbox One? Join our ladders or sign-up to one of our Mortal Kombat X cups!… t.co/b77CJJ8mmk