Vertical is the second team in the NA R6PL play-offs
Two close series got played last night in the North American Rainbow Six Pro League. MostWanted won the first one, while Vertical Gaming took the second series.

Lethal Gaming versus MostWanted was the very first three-map series in the North American division this season. The game started on Border and even though Lethal had a map point in the regular time, it was MW to take the map by 6-4. We switched to Oregon then and witnessed a fierce battle once again. This time it went in favor of Lethal, taking the lead by 5-3. If it wasn’t for MahMan’s crucial 1v3 clutch on Chalet, the final score could have been different, but MostWanted took the third map by 5-3.

The second series of the night was closed out after two battles. However, both of them needed overtimes to determine the better team. The match kicked off on Club House, where FlipSid3 Tactics had a perfect start, making it 3-0, but didn’t manage to keep it up until the very end. Vertical pulled off a comeback to take the map 6-5. The second map ended up with the very same result. Vertical Gaming once again won 6-5 to join Ominous in the NA R6PL play-offs.


  • Lethal Gaming 1-2 MostWanted - Border 4-6, Oregon 5-3, Chalet 3-5
  • FlipSid3 Tactics 0-2 Vertical Gaming - Club House 5-6, Oregon 5-6

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