Player Spotlight - Tom "Prosfair" Willis
We sat down with NerdRage’s support to get his thoughts on his team’s great start to the season.

2-0 start for you guys, just coming off of a win against Singularity. Singularity looked quite strong in their opener, but you shut them down fairly effectively. Were you happy with your team's performance?

We were very happy with our play this week. I think it was the first week we were fully happy with how we performed, both in the ESL Premiership and the UK Masters at the same time. We played hard opponents in both, and we stepped up. We’re just looking to continue from here as a good baseline, because if we can keep improving from here, I realistically think we can play against any team and win.

Many have nerdRage touted as the "team to beat", with you performing impressively in a number of UK competitions. Does this place any added pressure on the team, or was this something that was to be expected?

Honestly, when we started off I expected the roster would at worst be a Top 4 team. I expected exceL, just from how they were playing in early weeks, and MnM because of their roster, to be actually better than us. I didn’t really expect us to be quite so strongly ranked in first, but I don’t think it adds any pressure. We’re not really looking to be better than the other teams, just to be the best version of our team as we can. As long as we play our best, we’ll win against anyone, so it’s not really about who we’re up against, it’s about playing to our own level.

Still a lot of competition left to play out, who would you say are the biggest threats to you guys in the Premiership right now?

Seeing as we’ve already played Singularity, I would still have to say it would be MnM and exceL, even though they’ve both had some losses and shaky starts. I think both of them are in situations where they haven’t been practicing much but both are looking to start practicing.

The players’ skill and the experience they have on those teams, if they actually start getting into a proper practice routine, by the end of the season I’d say they can definitely be teams to watch out for.

You've joined up with nerdRage after previously reaching the final of the spring split with Team XENEX. You're with an entirely new roster now, how does the team dynamic compare to previous lineups you've been a part of?

I think everyone gets along very well. We’ve had some issues earlier on, this is the first team I’ve been on where I’m not the sole shotcaller. Getting used to balancing that with Nutri has been a challenge, but I think we’ve finally cracked it recently.

In terms of dynamic, I guess one of the main things is it’s only this week that we’ve gotten in a manager. We didn’t really have a coach or manager before, so it has been just trying to keep ourselves in check when it comes to practicing.

I'd like to pick your brain on the new patch, Patch 7.15. It's live right now, just around the corner for the teams in the Premiership. Any big changes in the meta you're anticipating for this patch?

I don’t think there was many massive changes. I think Nasus might be a pick that we see. There were a lot of small buffs and nerfs, but none that I think really had any impact. A lot of the buffs were already in places where champions were strong. For example, Azir and Mundo, already great late game and already great into magic damage. They’ve amplified those strengths, but the reason they’re not picked is because of their weaknesses.

The Cho’Gath nerfs probably make him even lower priority. I think people are overrating Cho’Gath on this patch (7.14), I don’t think we’ve banned him in any of our games so far and we’ve not had any trouble dealing with him, so I think people are just panicking a bit. I think he’ll still be strong in his niche, but not something to worry about.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview, any final words?

I’m planning to make finals, just like with XENEX, but this time I’m planning to win them.

David Whyms