GLB Esports Spotlight - Louis “Plausible” Jose
Louis Plausible takes a look at the Spring Split and tells us what to expect from GLB in 2017


As we enter the midway point of this years ESL Premiership we felt it was a good time to chat to one of the team's owners about the Split so far, their team's performance and what they thought of the esteemed competition this year. GLB Esports is a name well known to UK Esports fans with their current League of Legends roster competing in the Spring Premiership!

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi there, I am Louis 'Plausible' Jose; the Co-owner and active manager of GLB eSports organisation.

We are now approaching the halfway point in the season, what have you learnt as a team so far?

Louis: As a team I believe we have learnt that we must have a better team environment to be able to compete with the top teams of the league. We do, however, still need to learn to become a more cohesive unit.

Do you think the mid-split transfer period will be good for teams looking to freshen things up?

Louis: I really think it was a good idea to add the mid-season transfer period. The first 5 weeks of the ESL Premiership could act as a test out phase for teams that were rushed together like ourselves, you can then make changes accordingly taking in performance and mentality.

We've seen a strong year of ESL Premiership action, what teams have looked the most dangerous so far?

Louis: Team Xenex definitely look very strong, I feel like they work together as a team well and have some some strong players. MnM + xL have some really strong individuals on their rosters also so these teams will also be a really tough matchup.

As an organisation, how is 2017 shaping up for GLB League of Legends?

Louis: I think people will be seeing more of GLB eSports in League of Legends and not just in the UK. As long as I have the right staff to assist me along the way, I believe we will branch out in not just UK League of Legends.

Thanks for your time Louis do you have any final words?

Louis: I would like to thank anyone who has helped us in the last few years to expand and grow as an organisation. I feel like we have been a stepping stone for many new players to the scene and assisted to help them in the correct direction to grow as an player and team-mate. I would also like to thank our coach Stxrm for coming in last minute and assisting me in building the roster.

GLB take on Team Paria today at 7pm, along with the rest of the matches on the ESL Twitch channel.

David Hollingsworth