Ruling: Vexed Gaming - Sam "Bluxe" Lowe

We at the ESL Premiership always aim to keep the competitive integrity of the tournament at the forefront of our agenda and stamp out those who attempt to break the rules.

Sam "Scythe" Lowe and Vexed Gaming

Sam "Scythe" Lowe, also known as Bluxe, was initially signed as a substitute to the Vexed roster and proceeded to play in 4 games during the course of the season. At the start of the season Sam submitted a form of ID that wasn't his own in order to qualify as old enough to participate in the Spring Season. 

Sam has intentionally broken the rules, specifically:

2.9.1 Age Restriction

All players participating in the League for Rainbow Six: Siege must be 18 years of age or older.

Sam was also provided with multiple chances to prove his identity to ESL staff and declined to provide sufficient evidence. As such he will be banned from the ESL Premiership for 2 years and all of Vexed's matches will be removed and replaced with Default Losses due to his involvement. Players will forfeit all prize money for the season.

Edit: Vexed Gaming complied fully with all requests for help from ESL UK, working with the admins on the investigation

Live Finals

With the above rulings the teams that will be attending the live finals are now confirmed as the following:

  • 1UpEsports
  • Horizon Union
  • Team Enyx
  • Radix Esports