Team Overviews - League of Legends
Preview the teams taking part in the Spring Split

With the ESL UK & Ireland Premiership Spring Split underway, we take a look at the teams competing for glory in the current Split.

MnM Gaming

The 2016 ESL UK Premiership Summer Champions return in 2017 and the team will look to build on their dominance in the Qualifying rounds with their experienced roster of Teimpo, Candyfloss, Charliestea, Deadly and Hadow. Even with the few changes to the roster, MnM will be a deadly (excuse the pun) force in the Spring split, though they're not without their flaws and this could be pounced on by co-ordinated teams.

GLB Esports

GLB will be a team looking to garner success in the new Split after the 2016 Summer Split did not go to plan. 2017 brings a new look GLB roster with Delitto, Trilipey, Vrow, Lemoknight and Snuggli. As one of the oldest organizations in the UK scene, GLB will want success in 2017 and claim their reward for years of work.

Enclave Gaming

One of the teams who surprised some fans during the Qualifying stages, Enclave entered two teams into the ESL Open and their main roster “Dusk” making it through to the ESL Premiership. With their roster of Prelude, Range Expire, Beeley, Jakamkaa and Reclamation the team will look to cause a few upsets on the more established sides.

exceL Esports

Making it to the 2016 Summer Split finals and losing out in the Semi-Finals, exceL will have a lot to prove in the 2017 Spring Split. It was a mixed year and the roster will hope to right their wrongs in the 2017 Spring Split with Tolkin, Nocturnal Plex, ZiViZ, Jokerism and Aux taking to the rift to finish what was started in 2016.


Team XENEX are a new name to UK & Ireland League of Legends fans, though the team has had a number of successful teams in other games, including a 3-4th place finish in ESL UK Premiership in 2015 for Counter-Strike. Not to be considered an underdog however, the team has brought a strong team to the ESL Premiership, with Shikari, Sancus, Backlund, Prosfair and Innaxe. With some names that fans will remember, we are hoping for big things from this new roster.

Bulldog Esports

Bulldog Esports will be looking to put the dog amongst the pigeons in the Spring Split. a team that is not new to competitive League of Legends having started in the scene late in 2016, they now set their sights on the UK & Ireland Premiership. The roster of Phawkes, J3T, Nyx, Fax and Archie will have the full backing of the organization who will be looking to seal their place as the Spring Split champions.


Qualifying through the Open Series as RÄÄÄÄÄÄNDOMS, the team was picked up by Irish organization CycloneGG shortly before the start of the new Premiership season and perfectly timed with our new Irish inclusion in this years Premiership.

The team blitzed through the Qualifying making it into the Premiership in impressive style. The roster consists of Kerber0s, Demo, Matt, Laatch and Kamilus1. CycloneGG will be looking for an impressive start to their first season in the ESL Premiership.

Team Paria

Team Paria did not enter a team in the 2017 Spring Split, so it looked like the Premiership would lose a familiar name from 2016. Much like RÄÄÄÄÄÄNDOMS however, Battle Cops qualified through the open series and Team Paria snapped up the team and took them into the organization.

Battle Cops appeared as a dark horse in the Qualifying rounds, their roster consisting of Branabus, Ioke, Kangus, Shiklin and Toxic. Team Paria will hope to build on their experience in previous Premiership splits and make a success with this new team


The ESL UK & Ireland Premiership will play out over the next six weeks, followed by the live finals at the ESL Studios in Leicester and you can catch the action live on the ESL LoL twitch channel!