Binary Dragons are the first invited Counter-Strike team to Vip Adria League!
Following the announcement of the Vip Adria League, it’s about time to reveal the first invited team to the group stage!


The invite for Binary Dragons comes as no surprise after their superb performance during the Southeast Europe Championship. Despite having to face the greatly experienced Nexus during the Semi Finals, Binary Dragons managed to secure the 2nd place at the premiere League for the Balkan Region, which subsequently earned them a spot at the VIP Adria League. Binary Dragons have been performing consistently throughout a variety of tournaments, including a 1st place finish at the European Qualifiers for Dreamhack Atlanta, but still lack an ultimate “champion” title. 

Team Background 

Formerly known as iNation, Binary Dragons have conquered a number of titles including the Serbian First League, the European Masters Series, the Copenhagen Games B Tournament, Adria Masters and the Headshot Cup, while at the same time have managed to earn a number of respectable finishes, including the silver medal at the Southeast Europe Championship.

Binary Dragons have proven their strength and worth not only within the Balkan Region, but within the EU as a whole, since they did manage to score a first place finish at the European Qualifiers for Dreamhack Open Atlanta 2017, making them on of the 8 teams who will compete at the event. The Serbian squad starts their battle to the top of the world today at 7pm CEST, as they face HellRaisers at their first game!

With their minds set to win the golden spot at the pedestal, Binary Dragons are ready to sally on this journey to Zagreb this November and contest a part of the 10,000€ prizepool.

Binary Dragons Roster:

  • Player #1: Luka "emi" Vukovic
  • Player #2: Nestor "LETN1" Tanic
  • Player#3: Djordje "DJOXiC" Niciforovic
  • Player #4: Nemanja "hNt" Kovac 
  • Player #5: Anel "NENO" Cekovic 
  • Coach: Darko "SoLo" Mitic 
  • Manager: Petar "Peca" Markovic 

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