Rematch between Project Lunacy and Mischievous due to rules breaking
The 3rd Open Qualifier finals for CS:GO will be replayed. Read more below.

The Vip Adria League is dedicated in providing a fair environment for all eSports athletes competing in the League, which results in creating and setting strict rules that aid our admins to do their job in the best possible manner.


It is clearly mentioned at the rulebook that no player is allowed to be part of two organizations/teams competing at the Vip Adria League. More specifically, the particular segment of the rulebook states:


“Any player that played in a match with a team that qualifies through these Open Qualifiers or any player that is invited at the Group Stage is not allowed to take part in any other Open Qualifier. Doing so results in disqualification of the Player and possibly the Team where he/she played for, depending on the situation.”


During the 3rd Open CS:GO Qualifier finals, Project Lunacy competed with a player that had previously qualified with Prowince at the 2nd Open Qualifier. As a result, this particular player, m4rk0, will be disqualified from the 1st season of the Vip Adria League and will not be allowed to compete with any team during this time.

As our goal is to present and collect Adria’s best teams in our competition, and Project Lunacy’s performance was doubtless, we decided to reschedule the match with the same maps but without m4rk0.




Project Lunacy vs Mischievous - 07.09.2017 - 21:00 CEST - LINK

Watch live video from ESL_CSGO_SEE on www.twitch.tv