Resistance is the second invited Counter-Strike team to Vip Adria League!
It is about time to reveal our second invite for the first season of the VIP Adria League!


Despite the fact that there is a number of good performing teams within the Adriatic region, only the those that can prove they are worth can get a direct invite. As a result, the second team that gets to go straight to the group stage is Resistance!

Team Background

Hailing from Serbia, Resistance have been performing consistently throughout their relatively short time within the CS:GO scene. Within less than 6 months of activity, Resistance have managed to make a more than decent appearance at the South-East Europe Championship by scoring a 5th-8th finish, while they are currently first in their group at the European ESL Open League!

Resistance have proven their strength within the Adriatic region by managing to score a first-place finish at the CS Adria Championship. With a crystal clear 3-0 score during the regular season, the squad got to the LAN finals undefeated. By managing to keep the same mentality and dynamic during the live finals, Resistance took both Locastic and the well-known GIANT5 down and eventually won the championship!

By stating that they are “always expecting a win”, Resistance have joined us on our way to Zagreb this November!

  • Player #1: Nemanja "NK" Krstic - Lurker
  • Player #2: Jovan "N1GHTMARE" Derebanoski - Ingame leader
  • Player #3: Nemanja "k1Ng0r" Boskovic - Entry fragger
  • Player #4: Aleksa "Impulse" Stankic - Main AWPer
  • Player #5: Dimitrije "DiMKE" Veljkovic - Rifler
  • Manager: Nemanja Krstic

Every Saturday we announce a new invited team in both League of Legends and CS:GO. If you want to contest a part of the 10,000€ prizepool, keep in mind that the open qualifiers are still open and waiting for you and your team to join!