Road to the Group Stage: Locastic Open!
We are currently in the wake of the first open qualifier for CS:GO and Locastic Open becomes the 5th teams that gets to go to the Group Stage!

Following an outstanding performance at the qualifiers, Locastic Open managed to get their ticket to the group stage of the Vip Adria league last Sunday! Despite being one of the strongest teams within the Adriatic region, Locastic open didn’t manage to get a direct invite to the group stage, but this wasn’t enough to make them back out of the league. The Croatian team managed to maintain the momentum they gained at ESL CS:GO 2017 Summer League, where their 3rd place finish in their groups got them to the online playoffs of the league. Locastic Open will get to have their chance to get back on Resistance, since their defeat at the CSAdria Championship semi-finals cost them a spot at the pedestal!


Locastic didn’t face much resistance at the open qualifiers as their games were pretty fast and one sided. They opened with an impressive 16-1 against Dissolution Gaming and kept this attitude throughout the qualifiers without losing a single map. pTK’s one taps against Dynasty HR’s BRLE, Sharky and foreverzilla while defending the bomb got him the MVP title of the qualifiers!



With 10,000€ up for grabs, the Vip Adria League gives the chance to every team from the Adriatic to compete and contest a share of the prize pool. If you believe you have what it takes, sign-up for one of the remaining three qualifiers here.