Road to the Group Stage: Project Lunacy & Ripple eSports
The 4th and final open qualifier is now well behind us and the final 4 that gets to join the invited teams to the group stage has now been formed.

As you may have noticed from the title, this piece will include the journey of both Ripple eSports and Lunacy’s to the group stage. Due to rules breaking, the match between Project Lunacy and Mischievous had to be replayed, and as a result we shall include them and Ripple in this article.

Project Lunacy

Even though Mischievous had their second well deserved chance to take down Project Lunacy, the latter kept the momentum they earned the previous weekend, and eventually succumbed the Macedonians to another loss. The squad didn’t face much of resistance throughout the qualifiers either, as they are our only finalist that managed to get a win by scoring the ultimate 16-0

The squad’s last professional game was back in 2016 for BalkanTube Fest against Guerilla method, while in the meantime only 2 members from the original roster remained the same, Slayness and UNTOUCHEDSF. As it turned out, their decision to return to the competitive CS:GO scene proved to be a wise choice since they get to join the other finalists at the group stage, which is set to start next week.

Ripple eSports

While Project Lunacy hold the most impressive score of the open qualifiers, Ripple eSports definitely hold one of the most interesting backstories, as during the finals Ripple eSports had to face… Ripple eSports.

The squad initially signed-up for the open qualifiers under the name of Psychoactive and they indeed competed throughout the whole duration under the same tag. It wasn’t until after the finals were they scored a win over ex-Ripple eSports, when the team manager literally overnight decided to drop the runnerups and sign Psychoactive under his banner.

The team was formed roughly a year ago with Muffy, Andrix and c0llins being at the core of the team. During this time the squad has participated and received a number of medals, including a 2nd place finish at the BalkanTube Fest in Belgrade and a 3rd place finish at the Adria Masters Lan which also took place in Belgrade. As expected before ending up with their final roster that competed at our qualifiers, the trio has tried out a number of different players, but always with the same core left intact. Despite the fact that the squad is still getting into shape and trying to adjust to the constant player changes, the team’s captain Luka “c0llins” Zivanovic in our post-match interview, stated that the addition of ch1wie and maden proved to be a decisive factor for their win over ex-Ripple eSports.

Lastly, according to Han Piew, the team’s manager, their decision to sign Psychoactive wasn’t rushed at all. In our short interview following Ripple’s win, the manager stated that after the defeat of the ex-Ripple roster to Psychoactive, a number of players decided to stop playing competitively. This decision of the players combined with the fact that he had been watching over Psychoactive since NEST LAN 2017, lead him in proposing to them to join Ripple eSports.

Even though the Open Qualifiers are now over, the real action is about to start. The Group Stage is set to start next week, so tune in and keep an eye on your favourite team!