Road to the Group Stage: proWince
We are currently just a couple of days after the second open CS:GO Qualifier, and proWince is the 6th team that gets to go to the Group Stage!

ProWince is officially the winner of the second open CS:GO Qualifier and gets to go straight to the Group Stage next month! The Serbian squad is the living example of the vast pool of players that exist within the Adriatic Region. Formed just over a month ago and having experienced just a few qualifiers together, the squad managed to slice through the open qualifiers of the Vip Adria League quite easily.

Throughout the qualifiers the squad finished off its opponents in fast and efficient games, with the most impressive one being a 16-2 against ASUS ROG Elite in Cache. ProWince faced their fellow Serbians, Jeste, at the finals in Mirage and Train. Impressively enough, Jeste found themselves in the lead during the first half of both games, but proWince managed to surpass them twice by surrendering only 1 and 4 rounds respectively in each game.


Following their win at the second open qualifiers, the team’s captain Filip Belojica, stated the importance he finds on the league as players can show up their potential within its brackets, while he also finds the league to be of interest for the whole Balkan region as it provides a gateway to uncovered talents to prove themselves.

With 10,000€ up for grabs, the Vip Adria League gives the chance to every team from the Adriatic to compete a share of the prize pool. If you believe you have what it takes, sign-up for one of the remaining two qualifiers here.