Squared eSports becomes the third official invited team to the groupstage of the VIP Adria League!
Check out the history of Squared right now! One more invitation left!

Squared eSports becomes the third official invited team to the groupstage of the VIP Adria League!

Team Introduction

Despite being a team for only 4 months, Squared eSports have jumped into the competitive CS: GO scene with the right foot. The players have had their fair share of travels in different teams for quite some time now, building up their competitive experience and strengthening their own names. Aspiring the top, the Serbian squad came together last April, forming one of the strongest Adriatic teams.

Team Background

Formerly known as Balkan Brewtopia, Squared struck a 3rd place finish at the 4th season of the Southeast Europe Championship, while during the 5th Season they managed to grab a 9th-16th finish. Their cumulative player experience of over 20,000 ingame hours also handed them a bronze medal at the E-Arena Plovdiv tournament, as well as top16 finish at the CPH Games qualifiers, where they competed alongside some well-known semi-pro teams of the scene, including Space Academy, Singularity and Pride. The team’s performance throughout their short history as Squared has been constantly rising since they have managed to jump from the 9th-16th finish at the Adria Masters, to qualifying the ESL Major League playoffs.

Despite being a relatively new team, they are currently sitting at the 36th place of the best European teams according to GosuGamers, while HLTV places them amongst the top 200 teams of the world.

With their expectation set to a top2 finish at the VIP Adria League, Squared eSports are ready to take this trip to Zagreb! Will they be able to meet their expectations?

Team Roster

  • Player #1: Mladen "juricM" Juric - Ingame leader, Main AWPer
  • Player #2: Marko "SHEV" Krajceski - Lurker, Rifler
  • Player #3: David "DAV" Miljanic - Rifler
  • Player #4: Petar "HOLMS" Dimitrijevic - Rifler
  • Player #5: Jordan "JordaN" Taskovic - Rifler

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