Vip Adria League Week #2 Recap CS:GO
Week #2 for CS:GO is now behind us as well, and with the 3rd week being on the horizon, let's have a look on the results of this week.

Day 1

Resistance – Binary Dragons 1-2

Day 1 of the second match Week of the CS:GO Vip Adria League found with one of the biggest surprises so far. Resistance took down the favorites Binary Dragons in a breath-taking best of 3 series. Binary Dragons came into cache as Terrorists, confident enough that they would be able to break Resistance down. Indeed, the squad managed to do so for the first half of the game, where they literally obliterated their opponents by exhibiting superior map control over every point. Despite all though, the second half was only an indicator of what was about to come. Resistance pulled themselves together and through an amazing exhibition of power and control managed to snag a number of consecutive rounds out of the hands of Binary Dragons. This wasn’t enough though, as the advantage BD earned during the first half allowed them for misplays but they eventually managed to take the first map.


Coming into Binary Dragons’ map pick, Mirage, Resistance kept the consistency they exhibited during the first game and literally brought their opponents down to their knees. The game was extremely one-sided, with only a couple of good moments for Binary Dragons, with the most impressive being Impulse’s deagle headshots in round 2.

Fortunately for everyone, the decider map, Inferno, wasn’t as one sided as the previous game. There is one word that perfectly describes Game #3: Rollercoaster. After the first 4 rounds were Binary Dragons snatched out of Resistance, the remaining rounds were pretty much alternating between the two teams, eventually resulting in a 7 to 8 in favor of Binary Dragons. Nonetheless, Resistance were far more determined and commited to the game when compared to their opponents, that during the second half they allowed them to only take two rounds out of their hands, bringing the final score to 16-10.

Maps Played: Cache (BD), Mirage (Res), Inferno (Res)


Ripple vs Locastic was another game that the result wasn’t expected at all. Ripple’s result last week against proWince, in combination with the fact that they are a newly formed team, are the main factors upon which one might argue that they didn’t have many chances against Locastic. Locastic’s experience as a team and players was evident throughout the game, despite their loss. Locastic were the prevalent power during the first half of Overpass where they only allowed Ripple to snatch 5 rounds out of them. Much alike Resistance though, Ripple gave one of the best performances we’ve seen to day in the League and managed to come back, by sending the first map into an Overtime and eventually getting it out of Locastic’s hands.

Same story all over again was their second map in Inferno, with Locastic getting the early lead during the first rounds of the game, but the second half belonged to Ripple ESPORTS entirely. Both teams played on a superb level, exhibiting high level of consistency and map awareness but in the end it Ripple who managed to pull off their tactics better and get on the lead in this map as well, bringing the final score to a nice and clean 2-0.

Maps Played: Overpass (Ripple), Cache (Ripple)

Day 2

Unfortunately due to the recent CS:GO update we weren’t able to stream the matches and as a result no footage is provided for them. Nonetheless, the results have as follows:

Kliktech vs proWince 0:2

Maps played: cache, mirage, inferno

Squared vs Zonic eSports 2:0

Maps played: Overpass, Cache


Week #2 finds proWince being the leader of the group stage, since they remain undefeated, while places 2-7 are tied with 3 points for each team. Below you may find a detailed breakdown of the standings:

Upcoming Matches

Previous Week Updates

Week #1 was also accompanied with a number of roster shuffling, as NK has left from Resistance while Lobanjica and Joelz have joined the squad.

As for Locastic, the team decided to move neiiXzz to a substitute position and swap him for Nulum who will be playing in his spot from now on.

Last but not least, Project Lunacy signed with another organisation and are now called Zonic eSports.