Vip Adria League Week #3 CS:GO Recap
Week 3 is now well behind us and below you can read a short summary of how the week went!

Squared - Locastic 2:1 (Overpass - Inferno - Cobblestone)

The week kicked off with Squared and Locastic finding themselves on the forefront. Locastic started out strong, winning 7 rounds in the first half, but Squared’s experience and persistence kept them in the game and eventually handed them the first map against Locastic. Coming into the second map, Locastic exhibited high level game play, and despite Dav’s outstanding performance, they got the second map, thus bringing the overall score to a tie. The decider match felt into the hands of Squared as they pretty easily secured their advantage and consecutively their win during the first half, which ended in an astonishing 11:4 in their favor.

Resistance - proWince 2:1 (Cache - Inferno - Train)

The match between Resistance and proWince wrapped up the first matchday of the third week, finding Resistance with another win in their backpack. Throughout the whole series, both teams engaged in a round rollercoaster, illustrating exemplary consistence but eventually Resistance got the best out of proWince, succumbing them to their second loss.

Ripple - Zonic 2:1 (Cache - Cobblestone - Inferno)

The day kicked off with Ripple and Zonic engaging in another exciting series, which ended up being decided at the last moment. Ripple’s assault on Cache gave them the upper hand during this first map and eventually the win over Zonic at the first map. Zonic’s choice for Cobblestone proved to be a wise one as they got the chance to bring the match to a tie, but Ripple’s persistence to climb to the 3rd spot of the ladder gave them the boost they needed to win Inferno and take the series with a 2 to 1.

KlikTech - Binary Dragons 0:2 (Inferno - Cache)

Binary Dragons’ performance against KlikTech was probably the ultimate ending for the third week. The Serbian dragons showed their teeth from the very beginning as they closed the first half with 11 impressive rounds on their back. KlikTechs’ attempts to get ahold of map 2 didn’t fruit as much as they wanted to as the dragons were able to shut them off every chance they got, eventually wrapping up the series with a clean 0 to 2.