Talents of VIP Adria League Season 1

Marko "Rema" Stojmenović
Former 1.6 and CS:GO player now analyst for Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Started this journey in esports as an analyst in may 2016 and since then i’ve been working on various events including TWC 2016, ESL SEC Lan Finals, etc. Throughout the past year i’ve got recognition as voice of the Balkan Counter-Strike scene, as well as “the funny guy” on the desk. Esports rocks! - Rema
Aleksandar "Proka" Prokić
"No.1 IT beard from the region, hardware and gaming fanatic for over 20 years and still counting, respected modder and member of legenderay PCAXE crew"
Baro "Pougljeni Mrav" Barukčić
I'm a 27-year-old cs:go caster from zagreb, croatia. my life-long dream has been to do something with my voice, like casting, narrating or similar. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to do anything like that, so when I saw the opportunity to cast my favorite game since childhood in September 2015, it felt only natural to give it a go. Now I'm casting regional matches and I just love it.
Toni "MrJurich" Jurić
CS fanatic. Last two years I'm involved in Adria CS scene as news writer, streamer and commentator. Doing my best in improving Adria CS scene!
Ante "med1cz" Medić
He is a 22year old computer science bachelor who has been supporting regional FPS for few years now. His first touch with competetive gaming was Call of Duty 4, but after being a bad player, he decided to participate in regional FPS community in other ways. In 2016 he joined csadria.org team and started to become more active in CSGO community and also shoutcasting matches on H18 and NEST LAN tournaments.