Announcing the Vip Adria League: The Road to Reboot Infogamer 2017 FIFA competition!
As promised, the Vip Adria League is adding one more title to its arsenal, bringing the total supported games to three!

In an attempt to engage and bring together the Adriatic FIFA community, a series of FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 competitions are ready to kickoff. The titles will run on separate occasions as FIFA18 is expected to be released in late September. The FIFA17 competition shall consist of two open qualifiers, a group stage and an online playoff where the winner apart from the prize money, will get to go straight to the FIFA18 live finals this November in Zagreb. The road to Reboot InfoGamer 2017 starts here!

Structure for the FIFA17 competition  

The two open qualifiers will feed the group stage with their top 4 finishers, effectively forming two groups where the TOP2 holders from Groups A & B will advance to an online playoff. In addition to the 500 € grand prize, the winner player will also qualify for the Reboot InfoGamer FIFA18 finals. 

It has to be noted that the first qualifier will be available to every player from the region that wishes to participate, while the second will be open to players that have registered their PSN store in either Croatia or Slovenia. Knowing that the majority of players sign-up to the nearest to their country PSN store, this alteration shouldn’t cause much of a trouble, but in order to compensate for this, these players will have their chance through the first qualifier!

About the FIFA18 competiton

A similar structure is expected to be followed for the FIFA18 iteration, with the sole difference that the group stage and the online playoffs will provide 3 players to the live finals at Reboot Infogamers this November in Zagreb!





500 €

1500 €


300 €

1000 €


100 €

400 €


100 €

100 €