Interview with the Vip Adria League - The Road to Reboot InfoGamer FIFA17 qualifier winner: Edi Basic
FIFA17 has been the latest addition to our arsenal of games, and with the FIFA18 competition being just a breath away, let's see what Edi, the winner of the Road to Reboot InfoGamer FIFA17 qualifier, has to say about his performance.

Even though the FIFA17 competition ended just a couple of weeks ago and with the FIFA18 announcement pending, we met with the tournament's winner, Edi Basic, for an all around interview. Without any further ado, let's jump into the interview and find out what Edi has to say about the current status of the game!

Hello Edi, and thank you for joining us! Before we start I’d like to congratulate you for your first-place finish! So, tell us a little bit about yourself, except for anything FIFA related.

Hi! I’m playing football for a club in Zagreb called “Nk Dubrava”. I’m going in high school with a specialization in physiotherapy. Lastly, when I’m not beating my friends in FIFA, I like hanging out with them in night clubs!

How long have you been playing FIFA for?

I started playing FIFA since FIFA 13, so that that would be since 2012.

I see that despite being young, you have been playing the game for quite some time! What made you join the FIFA world? You said that you are playing football, so was that a reason that also pushed you into its console version as well?

I saw my cousin play FIFA back in the day and it looked like fun to me, so I started playing as well. Of course, my love for football was one more reason to start playing.

Your performance at VAL was outstanding and consequently that handed you the win. Was this your first time joining a FIFA tournament?

No, it wasn’t. I played couple of offline tournaments in Zagreb as well.

That’s great! Did you win any of these tournaments then?

I won one of that tournaments and in the other one I finished third!

My favorite formation in FIFA 17 was 41212 narrow as it was well balanced.  

What made you join the Vip Adria League in the first place?

I wanted to try myself in a major tournament like Vip! That would be it really!

Well done Edi! So, if it makes any sense to you, what’s your favorite team to play with and most importantly what’s your favorite tactic to go with?

Obviously Real Madrid because they are currently the best in the game. I prefer to put pressure on my opponent and try to get goals from any mistakes they make.

What would your favorite formation be and why?

My favorite formation in FIFA 17 was 41212 narrow as it was well balanced. I had strong defense with cdm and going forward my cam was really useful. As for FIFA 18, I don’t know what formation I will use yet.

What do you think about the Ultimate Team and Head to Head format? Is there a big difference? Which one you think is better for eSports?

I believe that Ultimate team brings more variant teams and its more interesting and fun when you have players from different teams in one team.

Talking about eSports, what do you think about the current state of FIFA as eSports in the region?

It should have been much more developed and popular. From my point of view though, I think that it’s going that way as more people are getting into the game.

If someone wants to start playing FIFA now, what would your best advice be?

First of all, the main thing is to just play the game as much as possible. From the point onwards, they will have to build their own playstyle.

As a closure to this interview I’d like to ask you what are your plans for now and how are you going to train for the live finals?

My first priority is to try my best at Reboot Infogamer and see where it will take me. I will try to play the game as much as I can and get more used to it, as FIFA18 is new and different to 17. As I already said, the main part of training is to just play the game as much as possible.

We would like to thank Edi for his time and wish him all the best at the live finals this November in Zagreb! For those of you who wish to contest a chance to the live finals, stay tuned as the announcement for our FIFA18 competition will be out shortly!