The Champions of Adria!
Following an intense weekend in Zagreb, the Vip Adria League wrapped up its first season on the 26th of November, seeing Kliktech and Valiance&Co rising to the top!


It wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone that Valiance&Co managed to reign supreme over their opponents and eventually climb to the top of the ladder, getting the golden medal out of Squared’s hands!

Since their acquisition from Valiance&Co, ex-Binary Dragons, haven’t lost a single map to any of their opponents, proving that they definitely are the strongest team within the Adriatic Region! Valiance&Co brought home 5,000€ and the most wanted title of the first Vip Adria League Champion!

1st Place: Valiance&Co

2nd Place: Squared eSports

3rd Place: Kliktech

4th Place: Zonic eSports

League of Legends

It is widely known now that Kliktech is the dominating force within the region. They have managed to outplay every single competitor that dared to stand in their way.  The Croatian organization by keeping their obliterating momentum from the groupstage to the live finals as well, managed to swipe through x25 and Bontech and eventually bring the grand trophy back home!

A total of 5,000€ were brought home by the squad while Toni “Sacre” Sabalic managed to earn himself the MVP award!

1st Place: Kliktech

2nd Place: Bontech

3rd Place: x25 eSports

4th Place: RUR eSports


During VAL’s opening day, Kliktech’s 17-year-old player, Edinho, managed to wipe out his competitors by scoring three quick 2-0 finishes!


1st Place: Kliktech Edinho

2nd Place: Dino

3rd Place: Hasinho

4th Place: Luksa

We would like to thank everyone who participate in the inaugural season of the Vip Adria League and hope to see you again soon! Don’t miss any of our updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter!