ASUS ROG Elite is the third invited League of Legends team to Vip Adria League!
Only a couple of days left before announcing our final invite for League of Legends, and we are here to present you our penultimate invitee, ASUS ROG ELITE.


Despite their shaky performance at the 5th Season of the Southeast Europe Championship during the previous months, ASUS ROG ELITE has proven that is one of the most consistent teams within the Adriatic Region. The squad has been participating and scoring decently in a variety of tournaments, including two of the biggest leagues in the Region, the Fortuna Championship and the Southeast Europe Championship.

Team Background

Before their acquisition from ASUS, the squad has been competing under the tag of Elite Squad. With their roster intact, the team scored a second-place finish at the 3rd Season of the Fortuna Championship Series as well as a gold medal at the Games.CON gaming event in Serbia. ASUS ROG Elite, then known as Elite5, joined the clash and fought their way to the top of the event through roughly 100 teams. Interestingly enough, Games.CON finals happened to coincide with SEC’s season 4 finals, where the elite warriors also found themselves competing for an additional medal. The hectic schedule of Games.CON though, proved to be a decisive factor for the squad, as they didn’t manage to get a spot at the pedestal, eventually succumbing to the ultimate champions of SEC’s Season 4, Greek Regensis eSports.

Dedicated and committed to their goal in becoming one of the prevalent forces within the EU, ASUS ROG Elite showed their teeth outside of the Adriatic at the ASUS ROG Battle, where after facing a number of European teams, got the first second.

With their newest addition Nikola “Xani” Zrinjski at the jungle, the team is confident that will end-up amongst the finalists of the VIP Adria League this November in Zagreb!

Team Roster

  • Player #1: Milan "Zeka" Spasojevic - TOP
  • Player #2: Nikola "Xani" Zrinjski - Jungle
  • Player #3: Djordje "Baxa" Lapcevic - MID
  • Player #4: Goran "Gentleman" Krakic - Support
  • Player #5: Nemanja "Nemky" Josimov - ADC

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