Road to the Group Stage: Belgrade Eyes
Belgrade Eyes becomes the 6th team that gets to go the Group Stage!

Last week’s open qualifier has been quite a ride, having a handful of teams that competed at the first qualifier, joining this one as well, proving their willingness to be a part of the Vip Adria League! Despite their efforts though, the newcomers Belgrade Eyes managed to guarantee their spot to the Group Stage.

Much alike last week’s top finishers, the Serbian squad had had a hard time at the finals, as their opponents, Memes for Days snatched the first game out of their hands. Despite being left behind in terms of score and gold acquisition, Belgrade Eyes managed to stay alive for 34 minutes, and without losing hope, they turned the tables around, scoring games 2 and 3. MfD kept the momentum they earned at the first match at the second game as well, pumping the duration of the match to 43 minutes, but the determination of Belgrade Eyes was strong enough to not let them lose this match as well.


Game 3 went down easily in favor of Belgrade Eyes, as they finished off their fatigued opponents in a fast 21 minute game, thus granting them the 6th slot to the Group Stage.

With 10,000€ up for grabs, the Vip Adria League gives the chance to every team from the Adriatic to compete a share of the prize pool. If you believe you have what it takes, sign-up for one of the remaining two qualifiers here.