Road to the Group Stage: BonTech
The Croatian domination carries on to the League of Legends qualifiers as well!

The first League of Legends qualifier is now over and it's BonTech who claimed the spot. Despite being one of the youngest teams to join the league, BonTech completely dominated the first open qualifier by scoring quick wins against their opponents. Up until the finals, the time spent ingame by the Croatian squad didn’t surpass the 25 minute mark, effectively making them one of the fastest teams of the league.

During the finals the Macedonian team Evolution Online did give them a hard time as they managed to snatch the first round out of the hands of BonTech, but this loss wasn’t enough for BonTech to quit. The 10,000€ prize pool proved to be a strong motive for the squad, as they went on a domination streak on the following games.

With 10,000€ up for grabs, the Vip Adria League gives the chance to every team from the Adriatic to compete and contest a share of the prize pool. If you believe you have what it takes, sign-up for one of the remaining three qualifiers here.