RuR Esports is the first invited League of Legends team to Vip Adria League!
Following the announcement of our first invited team for CS:GO, we would like to reveal our opening invite for League of Legends.


By being one of the first eSports organizations within the Balkan Region, the invite to RUR Esports can be hardly considered as a surprise to anyone. As a well-established organization, their journey into professional eSports started in late 2016 when they decided to take on members from GG Smurfs and with the addition of the experienced ColamaxGG they sculpted the first Serbian professional League of Legends team.

Team Background

A fine mixture of different and distinct personalities in addition with vast ingame experience were the main ingredients under which RUR eSports took their first steps into the professional League of Legends scene. Despite coming into the league as the youngest team, RUR eSports have the right skill set to upset the current status quo, as during their first major appearance at the 3rd season of the Serbian Fortuna Championship Series, they rocked the boat by finishing at the 4th-5th place. Making their name heard was not an easy job, but since then the team is trying to mark their presence outside of our region by competing in ESL’s Go4LoL tournaments.

“Excited to participated” but also restrained with their expectations, RUR Esports have joined the clash to Zagreb, which is set to take place this November!

Team Roster

  • TOP: Bruno "Bruno" Romac
  • JUNGLE: Atila "ColamaxGG" Dudaš
  • MID: Damir "Hamzoni" Hamzic
  • ADC: Nikola "chopsteek" Mihailovic
  • SUPPORT: Luka "Panj" Čiča 

Check out our Facebook page for more news about the invited teams and the event here. One new invited team will be announced each Saturday in both League of Legends and CS:GO, while later tonight the signups for the open qualifiers will go public for your own team to sign up and contest a spot at the live finals!