State of the Meta: Mid Lane
How important is mid lane in the current meta? Could midlaners bear the burden of being the primary source of damage output? We had a short interview with Milica from KlikTech and ended up with some pretty interesting answers.

For those who haven’t seen KlikTech’s games yet at VIP Adria League, they definitely have missed Milica’s great macro and mechanical performances. Milica is the midlaner for the team alongside with his well-known teammates Sacre and TasteLess and also his new companions EdinPriqtel and KaluGG. The Serbian sololaner has a lot of experience playing for teams like Instinct Esports (GR), AGO Gaming (PL) and Tricksters (RU), also claiming trophies with some of them.

A player that always wants to be better at the game, has his attention turned into evaluating team’s performance, considering coach’s comments, and most importantly improving his solo attribution. According to Milica “The League is pretty good for now, but our games weren't that great since we didn't have a lot of practice. We are a new team and we'll need at least one month to adjust to each other as teammates”. It seems like there isn’t a team that KlikTech is afraid of right now. “I don't think we had problems with our enemies. I think the main problem was us playing bad because of the lack of practice”.

Anatomizing the meta, we were obligated to ask him if he believes that the midlane is bright in the spotlight. The answer was not that different than we expected, turning the spotlight into the botlane and the domination of the ardent censer. “I feel like adc role has surpassed the damage output of the midlaners. I will put mid in the second spot”. Although, mid in a second role, practically means that the second most damage output comes from the middle lane, in most cases defining the outcome of a game.

“I would say that the matchup is the most important one, but you don’t have to win the lane to win the game."

As far as the current meta in the midlane is concerned, Milica shared his thoughts on what are the safe picks and what you should expect from the enemy midlaner, when you blindpicking into the enemy composition.   

“As for safe picks there would always be some champions like Taliyah, Orianna, Syndra, Galio, even Ryze, but I feel like there will be much more picks that depend on the team’s comp and the enemy midlaner”.  

Before we even think that those five champions are a small champion pool, the experienced midlaner, as he was reading our minds, stated that he is certain that there are much more champions to be played but choice depends on which situation you are into, in terms of team composition or counter picking the enemy team.

Big part of the current meta, as it always has been, are the items and also the team strategies. “I would say that the matchup is the most important one, but you don’t have to win the lane to win the game. Meta represents the strongest stuff in the game, meta is the strongest factor in the game by default. It’s important but you don’t have to always follow it”.

That particular thought made us wonder; what if anyone could ignore the meta and still win? “Azir got a good buff, I think he’s gonna be really good and Orianna got a speed buff on Q, that feels really good”. Nonetheless these specific buffs don’t mean you need to play those two or three “overpowered” champions in the midlane.

Sometimes you need to track down the patch notes, in order to get knowledge about the changes that will occur in the meta, in every lane, also in the midlane. “Not really, I hate changes”, he replied and explained: “The patch notes don’t really change that much, unless they are at end of the season patch, so I would say it stays the same”. 

You can find Milica on his Social Media Here.

Written by Maria Kroustali