Vip Adria League Week #3 LoL Recap
Week 3 of the VIP Adria League Group Stage has been concluded and now we are able to present you how last week’s series wrapped up.

X25 MARVO esports vs RUR esports 2-0

Launching into Friday’s games, RUR were aiming to stop x25s winning streak. However, MARVO had a different opinion.

Analyzing game 1, RUR came up, based on successful individual plays, with a dominating early game. X25 stayed calm and patient, relying and focusing on scalling power that Twitch and Cassiopeia offer. Their excellent wave manipulation and management made RUR to overextend in particular to two or three plays, offering a chance to stall as much as it was needed. Focusing on stopping RUR from taking certain objectives, such as baron, they delivered a great teamfight that changed the course of the game. Peeling for the adc and apc, x25 claimed the objective and by using 1-3-1 siege strategy managed – with some back and forth – to close out the first game.

The development of game 1 could be recognized also as a “tilter” for RUR esports. Loading into game 2, x25 were way more confident and sure about their gameplay. RUR took a lot of time to “wake up”. They tried to force their way back into the game, by continuously teamfighting, but after a certain point of the game x25 were way too strong for them to overcome.

Anchestral LoL vs KlikTech 0-2

Our second day concluded, delivering a beautiful series. KlikTech had the upper hand and were way stronger in terms of macro and objective control than ANC. This particular series had a strong soloqueue flavor in the matter of picks and “speedy” early game, including a lot of invades, turret dives and particular risky plays.

The key factor behind KT’s clean sheet is the farm advantage that they created over the early game. Mid, top and also bot were, at least, about 20 to 30 cs ahead of their opponents. Transitioning into the mid game, this advantage translated into about a half item more for the KTs laners, offering them the “driver’s seat” that they never lost.

We enjoyed a lot of teamfighting, nice plays, especially by Blitzcrank in game 2, and cool outplays.

Strategically superior, KT forced their lead over objectives, being really aggressive in some shifts of the game. ANC were unable to answer those aggressive calls and whenever they did, they found themselves by fire and iron, losing members left and right.

Crvena Zvezda vs BonTech 0-2

Saturday’ menu was full of quality gameplay and particular outplays.

Going into the series, BonTech looked a bit rusty. CVZ owned the early game, capitalizing on personal misplays and missteps done by BonTech.

However, CVZ were not able to transition from a superb early game into a decent mid game. In fact, BT’s engaging forced the Reds to make mistakes that were instantly punished by BT’s carries. A well-orchestrated siege at the bot lane, followed by an extended fight into the midlane gave BT the opening they were looking for. Just after these plays, another siege took place at the top lane and BT capitalized on CVZ’s bad communication and they managed to take the lead, snowballing the rest of the game.

Game 2 was a play for a single role. BT got the lead early on and they managed to snowball it till the end. The constant skirmishes all over the map couldn’t had been won by CVZ, who were giving up ground fight after fight. BonTech managed to end the game in dominant fashion and close up the series 2 to 0.

ASUS ROG Elite vs Sigurno Sigurno  0-2

The match between Elite vs 2S wrapped up week no. 3.

Both teams were very careful going into the early game, counting a lot on scaling of their carries. The zeros at the score board were history when Lulu acquired the ardent censer. Kog maw was able to practically fire like a machine gun, claiming two kills at the first bloody botlane skirmish. Transitioning into midgame, the next fight was massive for the “ardent team” non-other than 2S, who got herself at the driver’s seat and never lost it.

ASUS tried to come back by fighting their way to the top. They managed to secure the baron by winning an unexpected fight. However, this particular baron buff just stalled a bit the game pace. With excellent macro management, Sigurno snowballed their way to win and got ahead 1-0.

Loading in game 2, 2S came with an accelerated speed! ASUS focused on shutting down the Azir at the mid lane. However, Hamzoni stated early his intensions, constantly outplaying two opponents, including Zed, Maokai and Reksai , offering us great mechanical highlights. After minute 15’, 2S were in total control of the game, forcing objectives and slowly choking the enemy team fight by fight. They claimed for themselves another victory and won the series 2 to 0.  


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 Written by Kostas Soropoulos