Vip Adria League Week #4 LoL Recap
The fourth week of the Vip Adria League is now well behind us and for those of you who didn’t watch the series, let’s find out together how the games went!

Crvena Zvezda vs RUR Esports 1-2

Week 4 kicked off with the – admittedly overall pretty interesting and entertaining - CVZ vs RUR series. Α closer look into these games reveals that both teams have issues closing out games that they are ahead.

Game 1 was completely controlled by RUR, from early until late game. Despite their efforts though, overextending over objectives and trying to ward deeper, gave CVZ the opportunity to bounce back and eventually win the game with excellent teamfight shotcalling and active map control.

If we should put up a title in game 2, that would probably be “Panj’s Thresh Show”. RUR practically smashed the early game, with Thresh roaming all over the map and landing every single hook. The difficulty in closing out games was still present, giving CVZ the opening to stall out, but in the end, that was not nearly enough.

With the series tied, game 3 was a rollercoaster. CVZ, focucing on botlane, were in complete control of the game, forcing objectives and having better vision control. Overcommiting over objectives was equalized by their teamfighting. Nontheless, not closing out the game in dominant fashion, offered the chance to RUR to stall until late game where every single mistake may cost the team the game. A simple misstep by Alistar in the middle lane and a great play by Panj’s Rakan on Cassiopeia was enough for RUR to steal that game and to win the series.

ASUS ROG ELITE vs Ancestral LOL 2-0

As far as game one’s early game is concerned, both teams were a bit sloppy, with a lot of mistakes, especially from the side of ASUS, who tried to force fights that were backfiring. Despite the fact that ANC took the lead, they looked for skirmishes, making ASUS answering in force, taking back the advantage, collecting gold and objectives. From this point onward, game 1 turned into a snowball for ASUS. Having 3 inhibitors destroyed at 28minutes and superminions coming into the base, ANC could not defend their base at all. 

Game’s 2 big protagonist was Xani’s Nidalee, offering us a beautiful 1v1 highlight. Both teams were a bit careful in the early game. ASUS came up ahead, reading K1lfa’s ganking path, with xani always being there for the counter-gank. Being in total control of the early game, the Elite Squad kept forcing plays all over the map. Even though ANC tried to respond, ASUS were way too strong at this point of the game, securing the baron and eventually the game.

X25 Esports vs BonTech 0-2

Anatomizing game 1, teams were pretty much even in the early game. BT’s slight advantage was handed out to them following their wins over a couple of skirmishes at the top side of the map. The overall gold difference remained less than 1k during the whole game. A single pick by John’s Vladimir on Tristana was enough for his team to find the opening and secure – a risky – baron. X25 tried to respond to BT’s hard pushing. They managed to stall, but that wasn’t enough as BonTech won the next baron dance, thus securing the buff and closing out game 1. 

Game 2 was a bit more one-sided. Ryuzaki’s early aggression costed a lot to his team, giving up early game jungle pressure that Kayn offers. BT were able to seize that opportunity, control the early game and play smart around objectives, limiting x25 into a more defensive and damage control role. X25 did their best to stall and scale up so they could come back, but BT were like an out of control speeding truck that kept dragging x25 into teamfights, that eventually skyrocketed the gold difference to 10k.

KlikTech vs Sigurno Sigurno 2 - 0

Both teams stepped into the Rift, stating their intentions, offering us a bloody and entertaining early game. KT focused on playing around their fed Ekko, a strategy that gave them the opportunity to play more aggressive and force plays around the map. These plays weren’t always in favor of KT, in terms of kill trades. However these skirmishes opened up the map, creating more space to work on objectives, offering them a solid 6k gold lead that eventually lead to KlikTech snagging the first game out of 2S.

At the start of game 2, 2S were more active on the map, claiming a slight early game lead. Despite all though, KT’s macro and objective control reinstated the gold difference to practically zero. Good teamfighting ability and excellent leverage of champions’ powerspikes, were KT’s winning conditions over 2S, creating a 3k lead at 20minutes. After securing an early baron, KT took advantage of Sigurno’s missteps, keeping up the game tempo, looking to close out the game. Even though 2S tried to fight back and stall the game, it turned out that KT’s lead was irreversible.

Upcoming Matches

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Written by Kostas Soropoulos